Cathlene and Brian’s NorCal Adventure Guide

Hey Cathlene and Brian,

So happy to serendipitously run into you after ecstatic dance! Here’s a little list I put together for a trip filled with flavor, flair, and a touch of film history.

Sip & Savor – Wine & Bubbles

  1. Porter-Bass Vineyard and Winery: Embrace your inner tree hugger while sipping biodynamic wines under a majestic walnut tree.
  1. Korbel Champagne Cellars: Pop some Korbel bubbles among the redwoods and learn about their history, or just keep drinking.
  1. Equality Vines: Support equality with every sip in the heart of Guerneville.

Dining Delights

  • Guerneville: Boon Eat + Drink for farm-to-table fare, Betty Spaghetti for a twist on Italian, and Main Street Station for pizza and jazz. Also the nearby Rio Nido Roadhouse is kind of an institution. Guerneville has a thriving LGBTQI+ community and so it’s kind of like this much more colorful and diverse place compared to a lot of the other towns up that way.
  • Fort Bragg: Dive into fresh seafood at Silver’s at the Wharf, take a licking in Cowlicks Hand Made Ice Cream, and chill with a brew at North Coast Brewing Company Taproom & Grill.


  • Osmosis Day Spa Sanctuary: Take a Zen break in Freestone with a Cedar Enzyme Bath (your skin will feel amazing for weeks afterwards).
  • 🌐 Osmosis Spa
  • 📞 (707) 823-8231
  • 🗺️ Google Maps
  • Hitchcock’s “The Birds”: If you detour through Bodega Bay on Highway 1, spot the filming locations along the way . . . or just kind of freal yourselves out thinking “what if the birds really were coming after us?” LOL

Epic Experiences

  • Sonoma Canopy Tours: Zip through the redwood canopy in Occidental for an adrenaline rush among the ancient giants.
  • 🌐 Sonoma Canopy Tours
  • 📞 (888) 494-7868
  • 🗺️ Google Maps

Happy trails!!!

Have an awesome trip,

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