20201230 – At the Dog Park

Mister Baby, Mister Shaggy, and Max Muppy wish you and everyone a happy-whatever’s-left-of-2020 and hopefully a happy and healthy and free-range 2021!

20201225 – Hello again world!

I’m back from a bit of a hiatus. Posted dated before this one are from previous websites/blogs/blurbs/events/etc.

Merry Christmas, happy Holidays!


and the Pack

20031008 – or will you walk on by?

Oh yeah, I can give you facts and figures.
But all that really matters is feelings.
You’re a collection of nerve endings with a singular name
and handle
a representation
a scandal
a shortcut to all that you really can handle

Walk down the street
will you recognize me
will you look me in the eye?
Or will it be more subtle?

The metamorphosis is ongoing
and hopefully
so is your image
of who I am

tear past the veil
wander out into the light
pick a direction
but focus on what feels right

guided by voices
in your heart
dance your dance
play your part

tell me your troubles and doubts
light me on fire with your vision
question (your own) authority
realize yourself, that’s your mission


Can you beat the odds?
What are the odds?
Or will you just break even?
Good even-ing