Not In This Issue

OK, yes it’s election year and yet again I find myself confronted with that same old feeling that Washington D.C. is worlds apart from anywhere I have been or where anyone is for that matter. The issues being taken up are so irrelevant to the vast majority of people that it’s a wonder this whole damned system doesn’t collapse under the weight of the ineptitude abound. But that’s not a very positive thing to write is it?

It’s snowing right now. Several inches have fallen. This morning on the way in to work from the bus stop I had this notion of likening the new snowfall to a climax of sorts: “Old Man Winter blew his wad today. It came in sheets. From Nebraska to Ohio, it came and it came.” But on some level, I felt this sort of prurient description of a snowstorm would earn me either some sort of censorship flag or the attention of the literary braincake underworld, neither of which I think I’m ready for.

I’m still mulling over what to do this weekend. Ana emailed earlier this week saying she would call Saturday morning. There are several people headed out into the cold for several forms of skiing (cross-country and downhill). Alas, I find it would be nice to get things done around home, since moving out sometime this year seems to be something I need to focus on.

Kristin’s cat Miles has been over all week. I feel bad for him since he’s all alone most of the time. He’s an awesome cat . . . he plays fetch, he enjoys attention, and he’s simply nice to have around. I’ll miss him when he goes back home.

peace and smiles,

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