emotional niagaras

Okay so yesterday I took a plunge down emotional Niagara Falls.
Ana calls
She remands me for too much correspondence
and fessing up my matters of love for her to her sister
A weird predicament.
Following that
I spoke with several kind souls
all of whom had strong reactions
So it is that I spent hours sulking
and then a quick smoke with K
to calm the nerves and for Miles (the cat) to return home.
(I miss that cat!)
Walking up the step and checking the mail
I find a postcard from Peace Corps
“Volunteers will read from their letters and journals . . .”
and I lost it.
She came back despite the high.
and that’s when I began to cry
Uncontrolled sobbing
“what’s with you?”

Mazzy Star evening
up until 4:20am
doing renditions
of meaningful guitar-chord dialect
Awake today
Devious mind
all black
run to the Nevada desert on half a tank of tequila . . .

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