Well I finally got around to posting pictures from Sailing Lake Mendota last summer. Actually I went a few times but this was the one time I managed to take a camera.

Thursday – arise to the cold March morning,
weather’s back to normal
I had my warning.

On the bus to work I started Timothy Leary’s Design For Dying. I’ve always enjoyed his sing-song prose and his visionary verbage. He had his critics, but I still enjoy the energy he put forth while he was still kickin’.

Apparently there’s a place up in the Wisconsin Dells called The Cheese Factory which is all vegetarian. The menu is full and creative and supposedly can outflank even the most diehard meat-eater, at least rendering them unable to bash vegetarian food as bland and without texture. Sounds like a good tip. Thanks Don!

Ran into my friend Susan on ICQ about an hour ago. She wanted to see what’s happening at Steve’s Bar. So here in a few her and Candleman are going to pick me up and we’ll see what’s shakin’. I think I might bring my Tarot Deck and leverage my televisionary powers for drinks. Hehehehe. No, I’m just determined to not let a little cold weather drive me back indoors. Hell the other day everyone was lounging out at James Madison Park.

MEDIA does not have to be MEDIOCRE
One thing I think I learned from Noam Chomsky is that you can and should throw the media/medium back at itself. Halo mentioned today how much time he spends reading the news on the Internet. No doubt one could spend lifetimes absorbing what others have to say. However, I don’t want to become a passive receptor of this externalized culture. Maybe it’s not the most high quality, or the most poetic, or even useful, but I am TRYING to add my two cents to this swirling mass maelstrom of information. If nothing else it causes me to touch base with my own thoughts.

Sin-dictated TV baby
without CNN you’d all go crazy
Dan Rather tells us what’s the matter
Our spirits become weak as our asses grow fatter
What were once protestors out on the streets
Are now MTV kids in air-conditioned seats.

OK, so cynicism isn’t as sexy as Tommy Hilfiger, or Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, or even South Park . . . the Simpsons!!! But have you ever noticed that when you think or express yourself outside the hive, you are branded egotistic, or crazy, or dangerous or irrelevant? Have you noticed the TV junkies aren’t so much interested in what they’re watching as they are just keeping up? Cable television is like a noose that slowly drags ‘modern’ society to its death.

“When everybody thinks the same, thinking has stopped.”

Don’t believe a thing I say.

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