20030808 – eat like an Egyptian

So I’m just about to head out of work (yes, I’m still here, see earlier post), head to my place, get my scooter, go pick up Giovanna, and then ride out to the avenues to what seems to be the only Egyptian restaurant in the area. Being that Giovanna is an Aegyptophile, and I have a hankerin’ for some Middle Eastern food, we’re going to head over there and see what’s cookin’. I’ll keep you posted.

Starting to enter into the wireless realm. As much as I’m happy to see wires go away, it still worries me how non-secure the wireless networks seem to be. ALthough, on the other hand, what a great way to share bandwidth!!! I’m very seriously contemplating setting up my wireless router to have an open-use community Wireless Access Point (WAP) right near Haight-Ashbury. I’ll have to roam around the block and see what’s available on the network. If nothing, then I’ll probably set it up this weekend or next. Hopefully there are some groups around that I can link up with for any questions about security and all that jazz.

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