Wednesday, February 23, 2000 – mayo on the side

At lunch Jerry was talking about how he was hanging out with Chelsea and her boyfriend and the subject of nylons being worn on her face at night to keep the skin (maxillo epidermis) intact came up. Chelsea’s boyfriend Jeff smiled and told Jerry that not only does Chelsea wear nylons on her face at night, but she also occasionally wears mayo on her ass (! I’m not making this up) to keep the skin soft. Of course this was the hot topic at the bar.

Some guy was over in the corner racking up the pay line in a video poker machine. It’s amazing how annoying the sounds coming from those machines can be. Nearby were two televisions side-by-side. One playing a rodeo and the volume cranked and the other tuned to soap operas.

All gather Wednesday for what sometimes borders on the religious at Steve’s. People just getting down to some real fun music and atmosphere. Funny how such a scene could thrive without the press pouncing on it. A good thing!

Thanks go out Sparky, Shaggy, and Herb for their drink salvation. As fun as it is to hang out at Steve’s and NOT drink, it’s even more fun to drink. 8)

Jennie lent me her Mazzy Star album. Listening to it right now. Amazing! I love it! How did I miss out on this? I used to be THE Jesus and Mary Chain fan, so where did I not catch a link to this?

Ryan was particularly animated after the show. His soundboard feats are second to none. The miracle has to be witnessed by standing center stage about a table’s length back from the stage. It is THERE. Get THERE! You have to feel it.

Jennie and Skeeter were there. Of course Skeeter was there! He’s one of the best bluegrass guitarists I’ve heard live. Was talking to Jen about doing a web site for Thursday nights at the bar she tends which has a bluegrass night every week.

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