Thursday, February 24, 2000

Typical day involved in a typical daydream. Do I even want to write about work? Like I always say, I don’t get paid enough to even think about work after hours.

Towards the end of the day a friend of mine messaged me and let me know her and her boyfriend of a year are having some serious issues. Molly said he’s basically said he needed space to figure out what he wants. Now doesn’t this sound familiar in my own life? Hmmm, life throws you into so many different roles until you’ve seen things from all perspectives.

So Molly, I wish you well and whatever happens, do it with compassion and patience. Time will bring clarity and I suppose the crazy part is just enduring the now until you feel whole again.

So we messaged back and forth until I went out to the Gridiron for Thursday night bluegrass. I hitched a ride with Sven in his high maintenance Subaru. The evening was so warm and foggy outside, it was like riding through a fishbowl.

We stroll in and Jennie and Tara are behind the bar. Looked like Kay (who is ALWAYS on the scene wherever in this town bluegrass is present) was training in at the bar. Wiley stopped by fresh from winning an image scanner for his music-sensing light-fountain entry in an engineering contest on campus.

Seemed like everyone arrived within minutes of each other. I was in back playing pool with Sven, Wiley, and Shaggy when Chrysanthemum came in. It’s so nice to see her! After a warm greetings we spoke of Samosas on Sunday for the potluck late in the afternoon at my place (oh shit! I need to send out the email invites!). Sounds like coffee on Saturday is in the works as well.

Frannie and Jasmine dropped in. After accosting Jasmine about her cartoon tie-dye pants, which were actually a nice addition to the rather dark tones of the Gridiron, I wound up gabbing at their table and tossing around notions of a better world and a not-so-distant past when our beloved Anne was still inhabiting our lives on a regular basis.

Wesley Thomas and Thomas Staghorn are a couple regulars in the bluegrass scene and also happen to be friends of Frannie, Sparky, and many other folks I know. Running story-lines past them over one-more-beer, brought the evening to a close and off into the warm-ish Winter night I go, back to the hinterlands of the near-east. Back alone in my grotto, I wander into a quiet sleep. Tomorrow is fast on the heels of today.

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