Thursday, March 02, 2000

OK, Shaggy and I get into a discussion over sketchiness and intention when it comes to females. We pretty much agree on all points but I just felt it necessary to drive home the idea that pure intention originates in the heart and women pick up on it. It’s nice to get any misunderstanding out of the way. I realize it’s a necessity to ground yourself every now and then with those around you. It gets you on the same sheet of music. The best part was being able to disagree and still come away even better friends.

Earlier in the day Sal and Sophie ICQed me and we exchanged some ideas about some of the same things. As well there was a lot of excitement coming from that end since they’re moving down to the village. Once the dust settles there and perhaps after the weather has made up its mind, I will definitely make the trek out there and see what sort of trouble we can get into (or out of).

At the tail end of a beer Shaggy drops by to pick me up. We’re off to the Gridiron for yet some more bluegrass. I guess there’s no such thing as moderation around here, even with bluegrass. I wonder when the day will come that I can go see a world music performance one night, going raving another, bluegrass following, a granola jam band after that, some crazed jazz (minus the haut kultur poseurs that tend to populate such venues), and topped off by a caffeine conversation with friends at the end of the week. All this without having to jump the state line in regards to social circles.

Whoa boy. So I should mention I had a stake in showing up tonight anyway since I’m doing the web site for the Gridiron Bluegrass scene. Wanted to make sure Jennie saw the site and draw her feedback.

The bands were great. The place was hoppin’. Somewhere along the way Wesley and Thomas came in avec femmes. I was introduced to one Margaret who was friendly and seemed into my writing project. Tom and Wes later were spotted near the bar bringing the rest of the establishment into a quiet giggle with their voice-overs.

Lynn and Glenn were sitting over by the dartboard with their friend Phil from Phoenix. Actually, he’s from Wisconsin but moved down there. He had just missed his plane back down there so was hanging out into the weekend until he feels like getting on a plane bound for the land of the sun. Jennie later told me Phil was hilarious. Not exactly sure why, I guess it was just the vibe he gave off.

Lynn and I had a terrific conversation that took a winding course through so many topics and times and experiences it would be a job in itself just rehashing it here. Let’s just say it was the highlight of the evening. Besides social engineering (both within the social circle as well as society in general), it was nice to hear from someone who is consciously opting out of the system that seems to be strangling us all as individuals.

Rolled into home around 2:15am and there was a call from Elizabeth asking if I could watch Miles again. “No problem.” She brings him by, we hung out and caught up on our lives and gossip. I was happy to hear her and Jess are still spending time together and getting close, but consciously. Honesty is so important and I think those two sound like honesty and respect are main ingredients.

OK, Liz leaves probably around 3am and I hit the sack. Yeah yeah, I should stay up and sober up just a bit more. Ahhh but Sapphire gin won’t leave too much of a legacy.

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