Sunday, March 05, 2000

Not much today. I did manage to get my bicycle fixed, catch up with the various stories (a la Sparky and Shaggy) about the Cork N Bottle gig at the student Union on Saturday night, and even cruise over to Sparky’s place to hang out for a few hours.

Most of the subjects that came up revolved around us trying to get some start-up going. Most likely a web e-commerce project.

Sparky’s roomate Tom came in and he brought out some Yerba Maté. This time rather than it being served in a gourd, it was brewed in a coffee maker. Good stuff! We had an animated discussion about the wonders of Yerba Maté as well as Tom’s web site where he’s not only reselling Maté and accessories, but also collecting information about all things relating to it. For instance, since Yerba Maté has a type of caffeine that binds with the body differently, it doesn’t tense your musculature up the way coffee and cola do. In fact it relaxes your blood vessels. So you get the mental alterness without that strung-out wired feeling other forms of caffeine impart.

But I’ll let Tom do the selling of Maté.

Rode back home and went to sleep shortly thereafter. Yawn.

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