Monday, March 06, 2000

Rode bike to work. WOW! The sun and fresh air on my face in the mildly cool march morning. I can’t believe how warm this season has been. Of course we all wait for it to get worse. Perhaps I should resolve to just enjoy the good weather when it’s here and not worry about the way it’s ‘supposed to be.’

Attachment and expectation lead to stagnation.

Arrive to work and soon Jasmine drops by with her computer for me to tweak. Halo helped out immensely. He pretty much installed all the software and RAM himself. So we brought the machine over the her place afterwards and I stuck around to configure it for her and Frannie’s email addresses.

After a tasty dinner made by Frannie, we hung out a few more minutes and talked. Mostly about Anne. As therapeutic as it is for me to talk about her with them, it still made me miss her a lot again. No doubt this is just part of the process.

Rode my bike home through the long dark streets. The air was still warm and the streets were calm. What a night!

Liz calls around midnight to let me know her landlord is showing her place again and so she needs to bring the cat over. Liz and Miles arrive and I’m lounging about with the Jesus and Mary Chain blaring. Liz leaves, cat stays, I stay up until 4am reading Kerouac’s On The Road. I would have went to sleep earlier but the book really captivated my attention, I believe it was the part where they dove down across the border, past the chaos and disorder into Mexico. The scenes describing that land around 1950 are just spectacular.

Late to bed and early to rise makes me tired, unhealthy, but wise.

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