Tuesday, March 07, 2000 – fat tuesday

Oooh La La! F A T Tuesday!!!

Awake. Warm winter weather. I can hear birds throughout the neighborhood singing their “I’m OK, are you OK? I’m OK, are you OK?” song. I peek my head out on the balcony and it is actually warmer outside than it is inside. Shorts and sandals today for sure!

Biking it! Wahoo!!! It’s so warm I don’t even need a sweater. I cruise up East Dayton Street, the morning traffic is just a bit hectic as usual. Ideas come to mind about all the things I need to do . . . get the web templates ready for the catalog site, get my resume in order, start scheming on how I’m going to fund my summer. Little blurblets come to mind for the writing project. And as usual at least 50% of what I dream up along the way never comes to be.

There’s this crazy crossing I have to make when I ride bike to work. It’s when I cross Packers Avenue. Cars are coming from four directions at once. It’s not your typical cross-junction, it’s more of a merge. And of course the cars are going FAST. As would be the case with an edge-of-town street, there are no sidewalks. Madison is bike-friendly, in comparison to the rest of this country, but it still leaves a lot to be desired. People are raving about the price of gas going up tens of cents but no one complains about bus fares going up. I propose gas be allowed to go up in price and we stop the corporate welfare. Maybe people will wise up to the fact that the price of an automobile society is more than just expensive gas. Europeans deal with prices around $4 a gallon. Their public transportation is way better than ours. Bike paths are the norm there.

Home for lunch. Making veggie burgers. Halo and I are sitting out on the balcony soaking in some of the rays and this chick was pulling her bike out of her trunk and managed to knock it into a truck parked behind her. Seemed innocuous, but it was quite the loud crash and I could see the squirrely look on her face as she looked around hoping the owner of the truck didn’t notice. It was everything I could do to keep from bursting out in laughter. People can be so hilarious at times.

Work was work. I admit I’m getting a bit stressed out over it. I need a vacation really bad. At the same time, once this project is up, it will be a good showcase of what I do.

Had a nice ICQ chat with my sister Lisa’s roomate about Madison as well as how a person can tell when they’re in love. My idea being that when you’re in love, you know it. It takes on many forms but it will be something you cannot deny. She’s off to Ireland for Spring break coming up. Everyone is going away.

Liz calls around 7pm to let me know the plan for Fat Tuesday. For some reason I draw pleasure answering the phone in weird voices and characters when people I know call (thanks caller ID). Hopefully it’s taken as humor and not a multiple personality issue. OK, we’re going to meet up with Andy, Ben, Brian, and some other folks at the Dew Drop Inn and then cross over into the Bier Haus for the John Chimes Band.

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