I was at a protest against the secret police chief Tom Ridge with my daughter Brittany (I wanted to make sure she knows the range of options Constitutionally guaranteed to her (up to now anyway) as well as getting to know a side of her Father she might not get to see in action. Plus, I want my kids to not be afraid to get involved. After we left the rally, I teased her and said “ you know, now your photo is probably in some glossy black and white file at the FBI headquarters, with a caption on the back of each one.”

She said to me as we were leaving “it was just annoying to be around all these loud rowdy people.” And I said “that’s the point. We’re TRYING to get on their nerves to get them to listen to us. If we have to close down the city, so be it. Human lives are at stake here. The very principles by which we live, are at stake here. If you want a time where your dad will say “get rowdy!” NOW is the time!!!”

I think she got it. Hell, she may rebel and one day join the Young Republicans. But I know whatever she does, she’ll be able to give sound reasoning to back up her actions. I love that little lady!!! I love my son, who arrives this week.

They both are just starting to have significant others. THAT’s interesting! Let me tell you, parents must be constantly laughing to themselves as all the other expecting parents around them think it’s going to be one big cakewalk. Man, watching your kids grow up is like the biggest f*cking dose of karma. I mean, you can’t avoid looking at them as your own DNA in full 3D living color. There they are, some fractal of you and another person, animated and talking to you. And instead of falling over in dumbstruck awe, you answer back at them, trying to keep the charade going, that you aren’t just totally blown away by this meeting with the Future. You know, when they talk about “if I could go back and talk to myself when I was xx years old, blah blah blah . . .”? That’s what parenting is. Except more like in real time. Like right here, right now, 2003 (or whenever).

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