20030814 – these are your kids

You send him out here to visit with $40 in his pocket. Forty dollars for a sixteen-year old!!! This is friggin’ San Francisco, not some outpost in the middle of the Outback.

I called you and asked “why did you send him out here with so little?” and you said “he doesn’t deserve it.”

Well, I don’t think you deserve to receive almost $600 a month in child support if you can’t see why that money belongs to the kids, not you. You use it to go to concerts and whatever, but what I don’t hear is you putting anything of your own into them unless you absolutely have to. You are punishing him because he has my name and because he reminds you of me.

Do the math:

$600 – monthly child support
divide by two since we have two children
he visits for two weeks this month


That’s all you needed to send with him. And it’s not like he doesn’t need new clothes, some shoes, and underclothes. HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO YOUR OWN SON????

It’s because you are punishing him. You don’t care about how he feels or how he does in life. You’re too busy with your own life to bother being a parent.

I begged, I grovelled, I pleaded last year for you to let me have them stay with me. I had lined up good schools, good mentors, and set aside time and money to make this happen. And you said “NO.”

His grades plummeted. His attitude went to hell. And all you could do was keep him in that isolated jail you call “home.”

I see spider bites on his body because his mattress is old and worn. I hear stories by eye-witnesses about how you don’t really care about much more than yourself.


History will not treat you well. There’s no way these smart kids won’t realize what an awful person you have been. Yes, you’re their Mother, and yes, they’ll always love you. But in the end, they’ll see you for exactly what you are:
white trash

You might be able to keep him down for now. You might be able to keep him around you by sabotaging his life. But not forever. You can’t keep a good man down.

Wake up!!!!

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